teenzFAV Awards at Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Review and Photos

October 9, 2013

teenzFAV Awards

Who: teenzFAV Awards
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto
/ John Bassett Theatre
When: September 28, 2013
One Word: Shambles

Haven’t heard about the teenzFAV awards before? Don’t worry you’re not alone. The only way you would’ve known about this awards show held in Toronto are 1: if you’re a fan of those who performed or 2: obsessed with certain television shows such as Degrassi or Teen Mom. It felt as if this awards show was more of a Degrassi reunion rather than a multi-media show altogether. You had Degrassi actors winning the surfboard awards and past Degrassi actors re-appearing thinking they’re the next Drake while pursuing a singing/rapping career. For the majority who don’t know what this show is all about, teenzFAV is Canada’s first and only multi-media awards show featuring categories such as FAV Actor/Actress to FAV YouTuber. I find multi-media platforms (TV, music and YouTube) are all equally important in today’s generation – especially to the youth culture. Despite being unorganized and an hour late, the show had potential – so I thought.

The event was hosted by comedian Sabrina Jalees and co-hosted by reality star, Brody Jenner from The Hills. Personally I was looking forward to seeing how Brody would be as a co-host; his gorgeous appearance wooing all the girls. That’s if he ever said more than a sentence on stage. He only appeared for about four times on the stage – half the time not even saying a word. I’m not sure if he’s too cocky knowing that he would get a reaction from the ladies as long as he went on stage. Which was the case – just having a peak of him through the sides of the stage ultimately swayed the ladies in the audience. Sabrina, like always knows how to control the audience with her hilarious comedy skits – even when she needed to improvise when the performer Danny Fernandes made everyone wait impatiently. Degrassi actress, Melinda Shankar also co-hosted (though wasn’t advertised before hand) but appearing and speaking more than Brody.

Out of the 10 performances less than half of them caught my eye.

Vita Chambers:
A Lady Gaga-Madonna mix. The only song I know of Vita Chamber is her smashing radio hit, Fix You – and good thing she opened the show with that song. All the teens knew the song and knew the lyrics to it. Despite some of her dance moves being a bit bizarre – her voice is phenomenal live. I personally wouldn’t go out to one of her concerts but she’s able to get the crowd on their feet. That’s what matters. Not to mention her outfit was on fire.

Dear Love:
By far the best performance of the whole show. Performing “Don’t Miss The Brakes” at the awards show, Dear Love was able to rock the theatre. I was amazed when I heard a former Degrassi actor, Shane Kippel 
was the drummer of the band. This being the only moment I approved and thoroughly enjoyed watching a former actor on stage performing. Shane killed it on those drums! The band as a whole were impeccable. They succeeded in engaging the audience and bringing them to their feet.  I would definitely relive that moment and attend their future concerts. A great new band joining the indie world.

4 Count:
Step aside One Direction; a new boy band is rising to the top. Founded by Nick Cannon, 4 Count is like your everyday typical boy band: good-looking, synchronizing dance movies and great voices. They have great potential to be the next boy band in the music industry possibly rising above One Direction and The Wanted. Unfortunately, I must say – boy bands don’t quite last as long as solo musicians and rock/indie bands – whatever happened to The Jonas Brothers? Most boy bands part their separate ways and do solo careers – if that doesn’t work out after 10 years, they eventually come back like New Kids On The Block, Boys II Men, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. I find it just a money grabber. 4 Count work well as a group and are sure to have a large female fan base – they just need something unique so that they can refrain from being too similar to the boy bands already in the industry.

Diego Gomes:
This young guy has a large lady fan base. Everywhere I turned I saw girls with a Diego Gomes autographed photo. I could see why that’s the case, he’s young, fresh, a great singer and has an amazing personality on and off stage. His music career started when he won Season 3 of YTV’s The Next Star and is yet only rising from there. However, I personally prefer him being backed up with his band More Than Us. Diego is great at performing acoustic sets as a solo artist but his performance adds more life when his band members are on stage with him. Hopefully he sticks with performing more with his band in the near future.

The show pulled together with a line-up full of fangirls coming to see their favourite multi-media role model. But overall the show was a mess – running late, stalling for a musician to hit the stage, horrifying performances by Drake wannabes and YouTubers that just shouldn’t be singing. Even the ReverbNation performances weren’t as entertaining – it’s cool getting unknown musicians a chance to perform, but host auditions and select the two top singers for a more vivid turnout. Just like any first event, there is always room for improvement – for this one, there’s no exception. Hopefully next year brings a more organized and successful experience.


Fav Actor – Dylan Everett
Fav Pop Star – Vita Chambers
Fav Actress – Melinda Shankar
Fav From the Past – Shane Kippel
Fav Inspirational – Catelynn Lowell
Fav Youtuber/ViralVideo – Timothy Delaghetto
Youth Organization – Deca Ontario
Fav Artist – Ed Sheeran


Vita Chambers
Dear Love
Daniel Kelly
Jayden Wale
4 Count
Danny Fernandes
Diego Gomes


High Diamond

Host: Sabrina Jalees
Co-Host: Brody Jenner, Melinda Shankar

© Jessica Paiva, Music Vice

Photos by Jessica Paiva, Music Vice:

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  1. Chantelle Gonsalez on October 9, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    teenzfav was awesome!!!! Jessica you’re pathetic!

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