The Cult at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto – Gig review

December 14, 2013


Who: The Cult
When: 7 December 2013
Where: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
In One Word: Tinny

 I have to admit it – I was really looking forward to this concert. The Cult, a band that helped shape my musical tastes. The alternative rock band that was the intermediary between 80s  acts like R.E.M. and  90’s grunge bands like Pearl Jam. A hit song like “She Sells Sanctuary,” was so different from the jangly, alterna groups and electronic music of the mid-eighties, and yet we were hooked.

With Danforth Music Hall as the venue, this was sure to be an amazing show right?  Unfortunately, although the seats for the venue were removed and the atmosphere was more conducive to a rock concert, The Cult deserved a bigger venue. Their music is better suited to arena type stages because they are rock and they are loud! What I couldn’t get past was the constant tinny sound I heard throughout the show. In the Danforth, the acoustics are great when the seats are installed – usually because the artist happens to fall under a mellower category.

Secondly, note to self: make sure that you see an ageing rock band on their first or second night of the tour, then perhaps the lead singer’s voice won’t be as compromised as Ian Astbury’s was. The strain of doing many back to back concerts was evident in his raspy voice affecting his ability to hit those hard, high notes – a staple in their repertoire.

That all being said, I really do appreciate when a band comes together to do what The Cult is doing. Touring and replaying full albums – in this instance the album Electric – allowing fans and potential fans alike, the opportunity to relive or discover their music.

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The Cult – “Honey From A Knife” (Official Video)

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The Cult (Official Fagebook page)

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