The Flatliners at Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto, CMW 2014 – Gig review

May 13, 2014

The Flatliners at Sneaky Dee's - Canadian Music Week 2014 - photo by Dani Subject, Music Vice Magazine

Who: The Flatliners
Where: Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto
When: Thursday, 8 May 2014
In One Word: Psyched  

Local music rocked the stage at Sneaky Dee’s for Toronto’s Canadian Music Week. From Brampton, Ontario, The Flatliners blew up the stage at Sneak’s, creating a crowd like no other. Fans eagerly packed the floor, and cheers broke out before the band was even done setting up. Chris Cresswell teased the crowd as he approached the mic a few times during sound check. Each time a member picked up an instrument, the crowd went nuts as if they were about to start. The suspense was killer. Finally, the band took their places and started the show. Within seconds a gigantic mosh pit formed, with fans being thrown all over the venue. The Flatliners fed the crowd’s explosive energy by putting on a full throttle performance.

The band were definitely in their element playing live, and gave the crowd their most explosive and most passionate performance. The band members were laughing and having a time as they watched their fans become completely devoured by their music. At one point a fan decided to step on stage and borrow the bassist’s mic to contribute a few vocals. The bassist, Jon Darbey, gladly handed the mic over and praised the fan’s contribution. It was awesome to see so much love for one of the GTA’s own, and it’s safe to say The Flatliners’ performance completely blew the roof off of the place. As they finished their set, the crowd was left screaming and cheering for more, and by the looks on their faces it was clear that if not for a time crunch, The Flatliners may have continued the show for their fans all through the night.

© Danielle Subject, Music Vice

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