The Jacknives at Mojo’s, Fremantle, Western Australia, 28 March 2009 – Review and Show Photos

March 30, 2009

Gig review by Music Vice writer Danny Crombie, photos by Steve Pass

Gig/Concert: The Jacknives, 6FtHick, Rocket to Memphis and The Bible Bashers

Venue: Mojo’s, Fremantle, Western Australia (map)
Date: March 28, 2009

Headliners: The Jacknives
In one word: Dirty

Mojo’s is one helluva venue, small and seedy and a bit dirty – a bit like Dr Drakes, back home in Aberdeen, Scotland… what a place that was! It’s the kinda of place where the carpet is duct-taped together and the stage has pretty much fallen apart. I love those sort of venues, they always have the best bands and the coolest patrons. The same rule applies here on the other side of the globe – Mojo’s is an awesome little place.

“The Jacknives have a lo-fi swamp rock feel to them”

The Bible Bashers are the first on and we hear the tail-end of their set. They play loud and motorin’ punk rock with theatrical vocals. The singer is wearing a Charles Manson – not so cool but their song The Way I Drive certainly is. This band are pure quality and will secure some excellent support slots this year I hope.

Rocket to Memphis come on a bit shakily, they sound like The Beautiful South covering Elvis which is good….if you’re my mum. But sadly for my mother their set picks up very quickly and Rocket to Memphis kick some arse, and more importantly get some hips shaking. The singer has a sexy purr and the guitarist could easily be mistaken for Poison Ivy, if he was wearing drag that is.

The Jacknives are some band indeed. They have a lo-fi swamp rock feel to them, like dirty garage music. They have some really good songs that have a bit of a Tom Wait’s Heart Attack and Vine feel in places and sound like some really fantastic early Hives demos in others. Their song Take Out the Trash is one of the latter and really does as the title suggests. They remind me of any band fronted by Greg Cartwright, which to me is one of the highest compliments I can give. They are an extremely visually exciting band with three beautiful females up front who can really play.

“6FtHick are the sort of band that makes places like Mojos so brilliant; when you add such an ugly aural aesthetic to such an ugly bar it creates something beautiful”

6FtHick are a band that could only come from Australia or Northern Europe, they sound as though they should be on Burning Heart and play with Peter Pan Speedrock all the time. They have an energy which is violent, scary and strangely attractive – they put on one hell of a show. The band consists of two singers and one of them is a lunatic on stage, he throws himself around like a sub Iggy Pop, whips himself with his belt and jumps up on the bar whilst the band play what sounds like early Dwarves songs. They are the sort of band that makes places like Mojos so brilliant; when you add such an ugly aural aesthetic to such an ugly bar it creates something beautiful.

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© Danny Crombie

Photos of 6FtHick and The Jacknives

The Jacknives

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