The Kills at Kool Haus, Toronto – Gig review and photos

February 8, 2012

The Kills Jamie "Hote" Hince at Kool Haus, Toronto, 7 February 2012 - photo Alex Last, Music ViceThe Kills’ Jamie “Hotel” Hince on stage at the Kool Haus

The Gig: The Kills
Where: Kool Haus
When: 7 February 2012
In One Word: Killer

Being a big fan of The Kills, I had high expectations going to see them for the first time. And with the group just a week away from celebrating their 10 year anniversary on Valentines Day, this was a landmark date for The Kills. They did not disappoint.

The duo – Allison ‘VV’ Mosshart and Jamie ‘Hotel’ Hince – have been on a world tour since November 2011 and are winding down with their last show February 11th at Terminal 5 in New York City. Their second last stop? The Kool Haus in Toronto.  Both Allison and the newly wed Jamie (he tied the knot with supermodel Kate Moss last summer) are extremely intriguing both personally and artistically. I had the personal preconception they were ‘too cool’ to care about fans or fame, but last night I had the chance to see the real side to them. Throughout their performance they displayed their love and appreciation for the audience.

There were two opening bands: Hunters and Jeff The Brotherhood. I have to say; both opening bands were thoroughly entertaining. Brooklyn, NY’s Hunters were lead by a lively Isabel Almeida who got everyone’s attention with her trance-like dancing. Hunters’ sound like a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s meets Sonic Youth love child, which I didn’t mind, although all their songs started to sound similar near the end of their set. Jeff the Brotherhood are a two-piece ‘psychedelic rock’ band that looked as if they came straight out of ‘60s with the lead singer wearing a long burgundy velour jacket. I have to say I was a little more preoccupied watching Allison Mosshart side-stage singing and dancing along to them then actually watch the band. Allison joined them on stage in their moody and angsty last song, “Whatever I Want”.

The Kills played an amazing set, opening with ‘05s “No Wow”. Some of my memorable moments of the show were “Baby Says” and “Crazy”, a Patsy Cline cover. Another highlight was two drummers with their faces covered with bandana’s that stood behind Allison and the whole show doing choreographed drumming which was both dramatic and a bit humorous. Allison rarely stayed in the same place for more than a second, her dancing and charisma was daring and alluring. The crowd broke out into an “Allison” chant and we even caught a glimpse of a smile underneath her multi-coloured black and pink matted hairstyle.

They ended the show with “Pots and Pans”, and when they returned – Allison wearing a colourful sequined  blazer – they surprised us with a five song encore.  A haunting performance of The Last Goodbye stands out to me along with The Velvet Underground cover, “Pale Blue Eyes”. Safe to say, The Kills killed it.

© Alex Last, Music Vice

Photos of The Kills at Kool Haus: (click to enlarge from gallery attachment page)

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