The Lines at The 100 Club, London, UK – Concert review

May 15, 2012

The Lines with Music Vice reporters Ngawara and Kate at The 100 Club, London - photo Andy HughesThe Lines with Music Vice reporters Ngawara and Kate at The 100 Club, London – photo Andy Hughes

The Gig: The Lines
Where: The 100 Club, London, UK
When: 3 May 2012
In One Word: Exhilarating

Intro by Ngawara Madison. Review by Kate Pangonis.
​100 club on Thursday 3 May was the setting of a performance by midlands group The Lines which can only be described as midweek magic! Last time I had seen the band play was when they opened for Peter Doherty at Brixton Academy way back in cold September. I liked them back then but this time around I was blown away. I had been hearing through multiple members of the musical grapevine, that the lads had been channeling something rather spectacular in their songwriting of late, so was keen to see how the band had grown and evolved in our time apart. I must say I was NOT disappointed in THE least [despite the fact that this gig was a late one, and I had to be up the next morning for a 4:30am alarm bell]. We caught up for a quick chat before the lads took to the stage, and they spoke about how they had been introducing some new sounds and effects to their music, which seemed to be redefining their sound once again [the bands motto is all about not fitting into a genre box, so this didn’t suprise me]. The performance was extremely charismatic and I loved seeing the bands frontman, Alex really win the crowd over with his energetic performance – even coming off stage at one point to sing and jump around amongst the crowd. – Ngawara

Check out the full review below, written by  Music Vice’s newest stunner of an intern, Kate Pangonis.

The 100 Club isn’t the kind of place in which a mediocre band can ride on the atmosphere! To put it politely it’s more of a baseline, and the bands have their work cut out for them! To put it bluntly? The place looks like a dump! Despite the revival the place enjoyed a few years back with Paul McCartney, the venue still lacks massively in the aesthetics department. For indie bands like The Lines, however, this negative didnt really effect the evening at all. When we walked into the bar area the place was buzzing and you could spot the avid fans straight away. The band still managed to pull a decent crowd into the place. How to sum up the night? It was an evening packed with avid fans, surrealist lyrics and shredding guitar.

The openers were a band I’d never seen before called The Rainband. They were alright, but I admit they left me feeling a bit bored and pretty dubious about the coming performance from The Lines, a band Ngawara had been telling me about for a while now. I thought that they could potentially be another one run-of-the-mill indie band. But I am happy to say this was not the case!

The Lines from Wolverhampton rose to the challenge that lay unspoken on my lips with an exciting and surprisingly varied set, kicked off dramatically with their ever so slightly kooky indie hit, “Glorious Aftermath”.

The next few songs played out like a Youtube playlist of the bands most competent songs until it changed DRASTICALLY for three exhilarating unexpected minutes, when the lads treated us to an exclusive preview of “Rivers”, a yet to be released hot new track that The Lines are saving up for their much anticipated second album. I’ll say this: If the “Rivers” is anything to go by is going to be a breath of fresh air for our current indie rock scene. A contrast to their previous sound hitherto, the song was far more reflective and emotive in atmosphere than their other earlier stuff which, dare I say it, can be slightly cliché some times.

Thank god for second impressions because The Lines have become the antithesis of their original sound as far as I am concerned! These are genuine guys making genuinely good music. Catch a gig next time they’re down, and you wont regret it.

© Kate Pangonis, Music Vice

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