The Rifles at Tunbridge Wells Forum, England – Gig review and concert photos

December 5, 2010
The Rifles at Tunbridge Wells Forum, England, 26 November 2010 - photo by Lauren Towner, Music Vice, All Rights Reserved
The Gig: The Rifles supported by Dexter’s DT and Filthy Nights
When: 26 November 2010
Where: The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
In One Word: Promising

Another day, another night at the Forum. In this weather I’m thinking I must be either a hardcore gig goer or completely mental, but most likely the latter. I get out of the car at just gone 8pm, its -3C and I look over my shoulder to see a parking attendant wearing shorts, a short sleeved shirt and not much else; a highly logical outfit in this weather I must say.
I arrive just as the doors have opened to find that The Forum is as cold as it is outside, so the coat and scarf stay on, and they stay on for the duration of the night. What is even more bizarre is that 24 hours ago it was a completely different situation, full of sweaty fans that were gasping for some cold, refreshing air but tonight I was gasping for at least another layer!
The first band that played, Filthy Nights, were good but on a cold night you need something to keep you awake so inevitably the Tunbridge Wells crowd sadly turned off for most of their set but their last song “Filthy Nights” was the highlight as the song had a Frank Turner-esque sound.
Next on were Dexter’s DT who brought the audience back to life with their fresh and exciting sound. Even though this was an acoustic gig, they were simply fabulous and I can’t wait to hear more from them next year!
The band then recruited a friend ‘all the way from London Road’ for their last song, a cover of the La’s “I.O.U” which set the scene perfectly for The Rifles.
The Rifles have had a bit of a shake up in their line up recently by losing their bass player and drummer but their borrowed keyboard player Dean is here performing with the band. The Rifles are doing warm-up shows for their stint with Paul Weller on his arena tour and I couldn’t begin to imagine what its like performing to 250 one night and then performing to thousands the next night.
Joel Stoker and Lucas Crowther, the remaining and founding members of The Rifles, eventually took to the stage just after 9:45pm and kicked off with “She’s Got Standards” which was followed by by “One Night Stand” from their debut No Love Lost to which the audience sang a long to every word. The gig continues with more material from No Love Lost and Great Escape such as “Out In The Past”, “Robin Hood”, “Spend a Lifetime”, “The Great Escape” no-one stayed silent during the gig as the chanting was quite possibly louder than the band themselves. New songs such as “I Could Never Lie”, “Falling”, “Cry Baby” are played and are received well by the crowd, some of the audience had obviously been to the gigs before The Forum and were singing along which is a promising sign of the material that is to come with the band’s next album.
“The General” is a personal highlight as it is my favourite Rifles song and played at a slower tempo made the song even better.
By the time set closers “Local Boy” and “Romeo and Julie” were played the crowd started to kick off and started pushing, shoving and legs started flailing around in the air too. A great night was had by all.
© Lauren Towner, Music Vice
Photos of The Rifles and Dexter’s DT at Tunbridge Wells Forum:
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  1. Steve G on December 13, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I Could Never Lie is not a new song, its from The Great Escape EP which was released just before The Great Escape album in 2008.

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