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December 1, 2010

The View at Tunbridge Wells Forum, England, 25 November 2010 - photo by Lauren Towner, Music Vice, All Rights Reserved

The Gig: The View supported by Sound of Guns
When: 25 November 2010
Where: Tunbridge Wells Forum, Kent, England
In One Word: Rowdy

I arrived at the Forum in a somewhat sombre mood after having an immensely entertaining three hour lecture with my favourite college teacher (I hope the sarcasm is transmitting well) and settled down at the front when Sound of Guns took to the stage. My day nearly got a whole lot worse when I decided to change my lens from my 50mm f/1.4 to my 24-70 which nearly ended up with me owning a smashed 50mm (which is £450 or $700 worth of glass) when singer Andy Metcalfe almost stepped on it before running into the crowd and then running up to the bar to sing the band’s last song.

The View have had much better supports in the past, namely the amazing Twisted Wheel, but Sound of Guns were good but weren’t much better than when I saw them at the Barfly in Camden last year.

Fifteen minutes passes and after walking onto the usual chant of ‘The View, The View, The View are on Fire!’ The View’s set kicked off with “Wasteland” sending the crowd into a frenzy which eventually ended up in a rowdy fist fight between a few audience members. and knocked the lens hood off from my lens. Fan-favourite “Wasted Little DJ’s” was played next which were followed by the first few new songs of the night “Grace” and “Tragic Magic” which both still have a very ‘View’ feel about them but have added maturity and progress by adding a keyboard player.

My only anxiety about this gig was just please, please, please don’t play “Same Jeans”! I’ve been going to The View’s gigs since December 2007 and I believe it has been included in most, if not all of the gigs that I’ve been but I’m so glad they’re trying to shake their ‘the guys that play that Same Jeans song’ image by not including it in the set and replacing it with a song like “Double Yellow Lines” that is massively underrated.

“Superstar Tradesman” is up next and with every person in the room singing along it is impossible to fault. My favourite View song “Face For The Radio” was next but it was played with electric guitars rather than the acoustic, it was good but the electric guitars were far too much for the song as it didn’t seem as delicate and airy as it usually does live. The band go on to perform an upbeat version of Squeeze’s “Up The Junction” and then to finish “Shock Horror”.

If these new songs are anything to go by, with my initial favourite being “Underneath The Lights”, The View’s as yet untitled third album will be their best yet.

© Lauren Towner, Music Vice

The View played:
“5 Rebecca’s”
“Wasted Little DJ’s”
“Tragic Magic”
“Skag Trendy”
“Double Yellow Lines”
“Superstar Tradesman”
“Underneath The Lights”
“Face For The Radio”
“Up The Junction”
“Shock Horror”

Pictures of The View and Sound of Guns:

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