Travis Murphy at Lula Lounge, Toronto – Gig review and photos

August 29, 2012

Travis Murphy at Lula Lounge, Toronto - photo Brian Banks, Music Vice

The Gig: Travis Murphy online CD release party
Where: Lula Lounge, Toronto, Canada
When: 23 August 2012
In One Word: Withheld

After two years of rehearsing in the darkness Travis Murphy celebrates the online release of his album Aland and performs at Lula Lounge Thursday, August 23rd. I have to say this Travis; I didn’t like the show, but I did like you’re courage.

You read your lyrics from a binder, you used the same distortion pedal for most of your songs, you did not sing on key, which I understand is a part of your style (forlorn Canadiana folk), but it didn’t sound good. Nerves, and then some. (A lack of preparation: a show to launch your online-only release of your album, but then telling the audience that your website isn’t ready yet…) I don’t understand why you took two 15 minute breaks between four songs. All I can say is, you’re not bad at all. You just need to realise that the crowd exists for you. Engage us.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

Photos by Brian Banks:

Internet link: Travis Murphy

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