Verse Is Everything at The Distillery, Calgary, 23 December, 2009 – Review and Photos

December 27, 2009

Verse Is Everything at The Distillery, Calgary, 23 December, 2009
Gig review and show photos by Music Vice contributor Lindsay Goodwin – December 27, 2009

Gig/Concert: Verse Is Everything with State Of Demur and Warbird
Venue: The Distillery, Calgary, Alberta
Date: 23 December, 2009
Headliners: Verse Is Everything
In one word: Pumped

State of Demur at The Distillery

Verse is Everything were playing at Distillery’s new spot on Seventh Ave. A bigger, roomier location, it features a lot more seating and a large dome with mirrors. Though it has a fairly classy feel considering it is a metal and punk venue, it is still fitting and sweet. Doors opened at 7pm, but I decided the music probably wouldn’t start till much later. However, my intended delay did not make up for my anal retentive attitude, and I still got there about an hour and a half before any entertainment actually occurred. After about an hour of sitting around sorting my equipment and making to-do lists, I saw Grant from Verse is Everything show up. We knew each other from high school and though he was busy setting up, we were still able to exchange hellos and an appreciation for each other’s arrival.

The first band, Warbird, came on at about 9:30. Though the music was good, it seemed to lack enthusiasm and ended up being depressed and lacklustre. I started to question if they were serious or not when their friends decided to start chucking pennies and garbage at them. Besides having things thrown at him, the singer seemed to impulsively turn away from the audience, refusing to connect with the show attendees, unless they were friends. It didn’t matter that I was seeing them in public, I could have been listening to a recording for all it meant to them. But whatever, if I only considered the music, I guess it was decent metal. Some bands just have bad days, perhaps this was such an occasion.

Next up, State of Demur. These three gave a fun, energetic and amazing performance. Their look varied from 80’s to modern day head banger. Their fearless communication with the audience made them fun and enjoyable to watch. In their set of nice metal songs, they included a song in Spanish and a hate song (“Intoxicate”) dedicated to Santa, adding “fuck Santa”. I truly enjoyed their songs and they frequently had the audience moshing around in the pit area. I would recommend these guys for a great show and they definitely helped me get my five bucks worth of entertainment. I hope to see them again sometime, and I may also be willing to pay a little bit more.Verse Is Everything at The Distillery

The last band I saw that night was up, Verse is Everything. Music wise, they were great! A sexy fun time, they had a sort of mainstream metal sound. Their set ranged from energy packed songs to a ballad dedicated to the girls in the audience. They gave a pumped performance, especially one guitarist who required most of the stage and a portion of the bar, for him to stomp, jump, and lunge around. Though the other musicians did not give as much of a physical performance, their presence was still felt. They interacted and talked with the audience, reminiscing about band practise and a black out that may have ruined their last chance to practise for the show. When they finished their set, they returned for an encore. I enjoyed these guys and I hope they go far.

There was a fourth band, but it was getting semi-late. Though it was only around 12:30, trying to live through a Calgary winter without a car is a situation you do not want to fuck around with. If you miss public transit you may end up stranded downtown in deadly cold weather waiting for a cab that may never come. So I packed up my equipment, congratulated Grant on a great performance, especially since it was his first time, and went on my way back home.

© Lindsay Goodwin

PhotosWarbird, State of Demur and Verse Is Everything


State of DemurState of DemurState of Demur

Verse Is EverythingVerse Is EverythingVerse Is EverythingVerse Is Everything

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