Wintersleep June 14th 2013 at the Danforth Music Hall – NXNE gig review

June 23, 2013

Wintersleep at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

Who: Wintersleep
When: Saturday June 14th 2013|
Where: The Danforth Music Hall
One Word: Spiritual

So I have heard from a little Halifax bird that Wintersleep is always a good show but they play all over the East Coast. They are from Halifax. So is my eastern song loving bird. I say to you Wintersleep, “Come live in Toronto!” because if you do, we will never tire of being impressed with you because Torontonians love amazing shit and see to it that it flies. That’s right, double entendre that I didn’t really intend to do, sometimes a turd is a question of perspective.

But seriously. Wintersleep blew my mind with the quality of their musicianship. It reminded me of those songwriters in coffee shops that are so soulful and you don’t know if they are trying to seem really deep or are really deep. I’m going to guess singer and guitarist Paul Murphy is really deep. Even that tune, “Weighty Ghost” we have heard so often still seemed like a pleasure to perform. I always assume that hits get tiresome to play over and over again for fans in the audience. But we want to hear them. I’m glad it’s a pleasure for you to join in on the joyful exchange. There was a lot of stomping going on when that tune was played. Mostly coming from my feet.

When you see Wintersleep perform you are getting a band full of heart and soul energy playing to progressive rock and singer songwriter lyrics. Paul Murphy’s voice is completely stylized with a hint of a whine, that sounds like a red wine when you listen to the voice supported with the complexity and quality of the songs. I love the endless improvisational breaks. And man there are some epic ones.

Final words to you Wintersleep: come move to Toronto and bring your East coast hard working values and true spirited passion for live performance to our city so we can partake in your dynamic creative energy and get off our drinking scenester asses and explore music in a different perspective.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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