Gig Review – Wintersleep lays down some dreams at the Drake, Toronto

January 17, 2016

Wintersleep at the Drake, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl

Who: Wintersleep
Where: The Drake Underground, Toronto
When: 14 January 2016
In one word: Swell

Wintersleep were at The Drake Underground Thursday night playing tracks from their prospective March release The Great Detachment.

It was a cold, wet night. The streets were filled with that hazy colour pollution coming off the machines in the street but The Drake Hotel was a warm, safe-haven from a dreamy January night.

Inside, lots of Toronto music lovers were looking good and enjoying the beer-toned lighting and preshow rock aura.

Once Wintersleep took the stage it was wave after wave of woodsy reverberations throughout the crowd echoing sweet trilling leads and melodic bass lines.

I had not slept the night before and was literally in a bit of a winter sleep myself.

My phone had also died within a few minutes of the show starting so I wasn’t able to take notes but I remember a great feeling standing in the crowd watching them perform.

The feeling is very warm and comforting. It is as if I was a part of a very friendly music environment.

This could be related to Wintersleep’s fans. They could just be really swell people.

But it also makes me think of a sense of conversation with Wintersleep themselves.

I was really tired so I could somehow feel the processing of the music into emotion in my body so it felt like my body was having a silent conversation with their album.

It was really special.

The new songs are very bright, like a very soft, cashmere ball of suit colours.

It’s just so sexy sounding. I can’t get the sound echoing from that night out of my head.

Like smooth velvet with studs. Or like that condom with the studs being used by an urban forester.

Wintersleep is the kind of music you would want to listen to if you wanted to bang a tree spirit.

No shame in that. It would be sweet.

And listening to Wintersleep while winter sleeping in a crowd of friendly people is just the sweetest.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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