Xavier Rudd at the Opera House, Toronto – Gig review

May 13, 2015

Xavier Rudd and the United NationsXavier Rudd and the United Nations

Who: Xavier Rudd
Where: The Opera House, Toronto
When: Wednesday, 6 May 2015
In One Word: Connect

Xavier Rudd has the ability to connect with people through his music. Before 2015, he had accomplished this feat as a solo artist. This past week at The Opera House, Xavier Rudd was on a mission to connect with people via his band, The United Nations. Now he is fronting an eclectic, talented, group of musicians assembled from around the world.

Although I have seen many great bands at this venue, I still despise it. The sound is great, the location is fine but somehow, it seems to draw some of the most annoying fans. It’s kind of funny to see all these white, hipster guys moving to the mostly reggae infused music that Xavier Rudd and The United Nations performed for us. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of their dancing, I merely wish to point out their annoying habit of restlessly moving about trying to look cool – talking during the quieter moments and “whooping” during the most inappropriate times. In other words, acting self-absorbed.  This is exactly the opposite of whom I thought would show up to see this band.

The music that Xavier Rudd and The United Nations performs, speaks of unity, spiritualism, equality and human nature. They deliver the goods with songs like “Flag” and “Come People” off their new album Nanna, and they also played a few of Rudd’s solo greats like “Follow the Sun” and an incredible concert ending “Spirit Bird.” I’m just sorry that there were so many there who don’t seem to get it. This is music that perhaps translates better in an outdoor, park-like setting – out enjoying nature, increasing our ability to absorb the message and thereby increasing our enjoyment of this precious gift of music. I can’t wait until they return to play an outdoor festival in Toronto.

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