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June 18, 2012

Young Magic at Wrongbar, Toronto - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice
The Gig: Young Magic
Where: Wrongbar, Toronto, Canada
When: 14 June 2012
In One word: Messed

I wanna say I like Young Magic, but I wasn’t particularly affected by their show on Wednesday night. I did see the sound technician zero in on his phone a lot, to the point were the band members where waving for his attention to make their microphones work. And on he continues to read his text messages. I also heard from a friend, a fan, who said that one of their three band members couldn’t make it from their home base in Brooklyn because of a VISA issue to perform in Canada. But all in all, it was kinda boring. The songs where unique and cool. Melodic and rhythmic. I couldn’t understand a thing the singer Melati was saying, but it sounded pretty, also drawn out and repetitive. Then the beats, yeah, were cool, but also repetitive and just carried on. The most action you saw from the musicians getting into their music was Issac floppily dancing to his beats, but that was also drawn out. So, it was boring, but also felt like it was better than it was played that night. Still, gotta bad taste in my mouth and don’t really care that much. Makes me think about that philosophical question on the relationship you develop with music. Do you play for yourself or for others? Do you  play to be seen as a certain image or do you choose to live that image because you love it, that is who you are? Whatever the answers to those questions in regards to Young Magic, I have a feeling that the questions themselves have a lot do with the why the band is together.

Melati was wearing the latest hipster fashion and looking great with a red Gibson strung across her front. Isaac too, an attractive counterpart dance to his beats, which admittedly are really unique and fun to get into. But it was kinda boring. I can’t really place it. Was it the sound technician? Was it the lack of the third band member? Where they just not feeling it that night? Do I just find their music a bit boring? Am I too hipster to enjoy hipster music? I can’t seem to be able to start quantifying where it went wrong. When I tried to approach Isaac, he seemed in a rush to get out of the bar and into a van. Fair enough.

Regardless of their performance Wednesday night, their musical style and sound is what most indie music websites are saying is 2012’s summer music playlist so whether or not it’s ‘good’, it’s trending right now. Meanwhile, at Music Vice, we just shrug and move on...

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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