Zeus at the Mod Club, Toronto – Gig review and concert photos

May 29, 2010

Gig/Concert: Zeus with Danielle Duval and Matt Murphy
Venue: Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada
Date: 27 May 2010
In one word: Special

Zeus at Mod Club, Toronto, 27 May 2010 - photo by Brian Banks, Music Vice

Sometimes you really have to see a band live to see what the fuss is all about. This show started well, both Danielle Duval and Matt Murphy and their ensembles were good, but paled in comparison to the main event, Zeus.

Zeus, are a band I have known of but had yet to discover properly. The music on their Myspace and the few songs I’d heard had not done them justice. But tonight, under the technicolour lights of the Mod Club Theatre, the band and their music came alive.

Zeus asked “How Does It Feel”, my response, “It feels like one of the most significant bands I’ve ever seen in Canada.” Without stretching reality too far, some waxing of the hyperbole is required in this instance, and here goes: Zeus are special.

If this band were in Britain, they would be on the radio right now. The crowd in the Mod Club were receptive, there was definitely a buzz, but like a spoilt audience I got the feeling that perhaps the occasion was a little undervalued. There is a lot of good music in this city, but sometimes the lines blur and good becomes mediocre or vice-versa. This band are a bit different; tonight they were a cut above.

Zeus were compelling. They play pop rock which is rich with tones from the 60’s and 70’s; as a reference point, it’s a bit more like the Turtles than the Beatles. Think succinct vocals and harmonies, with finger-snapping beats. There were seamless transitions as the band members Mike O’Brien, Carlin Nicholson and Neil Quin, bar the drummer Rob Drake, played musical chairs with their instruments. The transitions between instruments were as seamless as the transitions within the music, as tempos raised and fell while subtle nuances bled in. The guitar had a cool twang, the stage piano was cool and the grooves, well, they were groovy.

This Toronto band were in the zone and by the tail-end of their set I had been pulled in close with my camera, with a desire to document a band in the breakthrough spell of their career. They’re making a name for themselves in this city, and should they tour with performances of the same calibre as tonight’s show, then it won’t be long until the music of Zeus spreads it’s wings to find you.

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

Pictures of Zeus, Danielle Duval and Matt Murphy

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3 Responses to Zeus at the Mod Club, Toronto – Gig review and concert photos

  1. Liz Keith on May 30, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Some nice shots there, sir.

  2. C.A. on May 31, 2010 at 9:33 am

    amazing pics!

  3. Natascha Malta on June 3, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I wish I had gone 🙁 But Neil Quin from Zeus is opening for the Order of Good Cheer next Wednesday at the Piston.

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