Maren Morris’s “GIRL” is educational dents

March 10, 2019

maren morris

This is a great album for all men who are curious about women’s feelings and don’t wanna hear it version: two girls on their way to the nail salon holding oat milk matcha lattes and having endless hypothetical discussions together. Maren Morris sings for everyone, and as you would want to be lullabied out of the anxiety, Maren Morris is your best friend at knowing how to cheer you up with any kind of pop song to plug into a deflating day. The songs “Girl” and “Flavor” will explain all that for you a little more clearly.

Watch from the horse’s mouth her humour on equality

“The Feels” is going to be my least favourite song on her album because, let’s be honest, we’ve heard it already with Katy Perry and Calvin Harris in 2017, and probably will, every single summer for the rest of our lives. Now we have two versions.

My favourite song on “Girl” is “Make out With Me” because of the piano, the looping, the claps, the soul. You can’t beat authenticity because it’s effortless, and effortless is ready made perfection with nothing to prove and only to be. Also, women belting in a near rap, their passion about craving their lover is pretty sexy. The detail makes me want to see this in Karaoke, or in a text to fix the issue with your partner, or at a wedding in a roadside chapel in Vegas.

The song “Shade” are signature melodics from Miss Morris. A song about… lipstick? Up to you to decide what brings you that perfectly satisfying moment.

Our country superstar launched her album on March 8th on International Women’s Day and debuts her 2019 tour in Chicago on March 9th at the Riviera Theatre and ending on August 30th at the Nebraska State Fair.

You can find her tour dates and cities on her website:

Check out Morris on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show next week and Bravo’s “watch what happens” live on March 19th.

If there is anything we will be hearing a lot from Maren Morris this summer, it’s how she’s taking a stand with her femininity and power and inspiring us all as women to support that in each other. I wish we can end up singing these songs to each other because if we ever end out friendship after leaving the nail salon, having guzzled our oat milk lattes and feeling a little competitive with each other, all of Maren’s song are about owning your feelings and she does it in a way that makes it okay for you to belt out your feelings too. Is this anything new that we haven’t really heard before? No because we still find ourselves needing to bring it up.

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