MC Lars at the Royal Melbourne Hotel

May 23, 2009
Gig/Concert: MC Lars with Solvent and Wherewolves
Venue: Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (map)
Date: May 23, 2009
Headliners: MC Lars
In one word: Geeky
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Yes?No?Yes?No?Yes?No?Yes?No?Yes?Yes???? followed by “OK, Go On” was pretty much how it all went in my decision to go see MC Lars. The fact I had forgotten to email the promoters to blag some free passes and pay a whopping $15 for a ticket was a major decision in my hilarious pauper life. (Seriously if you can just give me some money I’d be so happy! Anyway… [I feel your pain Danny, the life

After long winded humphing and heying around the place me, the girlfriend and our new best friend left for the show and caught the tail end of Solvent’s set. They sounded allright and I reckon they’re a prime example of Lars’ eclecticity (add that to your dictionary). Just looking at the audience you can tell that he appeals to such a wide range of people from crusties to hipsters and every little group in between.

We saw literally 30 seconds of the first song of Wherewolves’ set. Great name but we decided to bomb it home and get our cameras, so 30 minutes later and I’m in the front row of the crowd with my 30 year old flash and 40 year old camera around my neck…kickin’ it old school don’t you know home-boys.

“It’s nice to see someone so appreciative of his audience and with a guy like MC Lars his reputation is built on word of mouth and the internet. ”

MC Lars comes on and rap-rocks the fuck out of the stage along with live backing band; I was kinda hoping to see him twiddle his laptop buttons but this is good nonetheless. From the start he gets the crowd going and thanks them endlessly for their support and presence; it’s nice to see someone so appreciative of his audience and with a guy like MC Lars his reputation is built on word of mouth and the internet.

The thing about Andrew Nielson is that he’s such an odd act (he ain’t no act though), he is so incredibly white, un-tattooed and sings songs about the metric system and Edgar Allen Poe. If you were to see him in the street you would never guess he could rhyme so well and have such an intense stage presence.

Throughout the set he plays songs such as Singing Emo (supposedly featuring Bowling for Soup), Generic Crunk Rap and the Wesley Willis inspired utterly singalongable This Gigantic Robot Kills – do I sense some Woody Guthrie in the title?

The song of Lars’ I’m familiar with (and a lot of other people are too) is Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock, a frenzied punk rock song denouncing all that is essentially Not Punk Rock – my face lights up and I sing along even if I’m no longer concerned with what is and what is not punk rock.

The penultimate song he plays is Download This Song which samples the timeless The Passenger, as written by god himself, which I hope you agree in my opinion is a ‘fuck you’ towards the conventional record industry.

Last song comes around very quick, Guitar Hero Hero which I cannot stop singing a week later (I take so long to review these goddamn things), the song features a face-melting solo by the effortlessly phenomenal Paul Gilbert and just like that it’s all over! It’s quite possibly the shortest set I’ve heard in a long time – I can’t complain though because the guy is so lovable and MC Lars IS SO PUNK ROCK!

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