Monster Magnet at Metropolis, Fremantle – Review and Photos

September 11, 2009

Gig/Concert: Monster Magnet at Metropolis, Fremantle
Venue: Metropolis, Fremantle, Western Australia
Date: 10 September 2009
Headliners: Monster Magnet
In one word: Nuclear

The thought of going out tonight isn’t a pleasant one, the rain outside is hammering and unpredictable and getting on a bus in this weather isn’t my idea of a good night out. On the other hand though I love a free show and seeing $140 worth of rock n’ roll sounds good to me!

The atmosphere in the venue is pleasant and there’s a considerably larger crowd than I’d originally suspected there’d be – it’s great to see such a good following and good to see so many people out on such a miserable Thursday night.

The sole support tonight is The Devil Rides out, a 4 piece from Perth who remind me of Rollins Band in their brand of loud and angst ridden metal. They have tinges of Down, BLS and at times older heavy metal bands like Deep Purple.

They pull their set off well and the guys next to us are singing along and clearly enjoying themselves, the whole band play very well and are excellent together but an hour solid of any support band that isn’t known is way too long.

After a short wait, some Myspace style photos and a Strepsil later it’s time for Monster Magnet to take to the stage, they appear a lot different to the band I saw on Kerrang! or Scuzz years ago but vocalist Dave Wyndorf is instantly recognisable albeit cloaked in a big old hoodie.

Monster Magnet have a considerable following here and the guys up the front sing along whilst the rest fist pump at every cue, the band is on fire tonight and everyone on the stage makes sure to keep it burning. They all look like pretty normal guys, relying on the quality of their music and live show to bring them all around the world.

The backdrop is a psychedelic type colour spinner with old videos of exploding skulls and nuclear blasts projected onto it, whilst the smoke machine remains constant throughout – if it were toxic it’d turn the healthiest lung black. The aesthetic of their show is well planned and executed and fits in perfectly with their music.

They’re one helluva band and I’m truly impressed, I’m really not a metal fan but I like to think I can dig a band if they’re good no matter what the genre be it Nigerian Folk Jazz or Electro Black Metal – if it’s good, it’s good and the smiles on the few hundred people in the audience show their agreement with me.

Before the end of the show I have to leave and sadly miss the end and encore, I’m sure it was excellent and next time they come I’ll be sure to have a lift home, if you get the chance to see some truly excellent metal I suggest you ditch your In Flames ticket and come see Monster Magnet – you won’t be sorry.

© Danny Crombie

Photos of Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet at Metropolis, FremantleMonster Magnet at Metropolis, FremantleMonster Magnet at Metropolis, FremantleMonster Magnet at Metropolis, Fremantle

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out


Monster Magnet –


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