Secret Sign – Fever Dance EP

March 26, 2018



Hey guys!

It’s been a minute. So I thought, I’d come Back to The Future with this gem of EP called Fever Dance from the Toronto based band Secret Sign. Very reminiscent of some of my favourite teen 80’s movies like “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Valley Girl” (and we don’t need to name the first one again) The album is a pop synth fiesta on a mission to get your heart racing for a concert you might want to be at before the hype gets to becoming bigger than the club can handle. Honestly, if I can’t spot a hit band by now, living in LA ain’t worth shit, or worth the shit. Are you ready to space out to a trolley of vibes that take you on an enchanted journey of endless whimsical and rhythmic chimes? Oh hey, did you know that there is a little heavy duty SECRET SIGNAGE in the lyrics and song titles? Yes, something to pay attention to as you might be reliving playing pac man in a pizza parlour wearing Nike dunks. The song, “Chase” even has that Talk Box effect along with some beautiful vocals and an ending you’ll wanna start some kind of Risky Business… The song, “Golden Dawn” starts you off right in the middle of a montage of a crime scene in “Beverly Hills Cop.” In a Millennial generation, empty of content in pop songs, you will be informed with Secret Signs.

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