Shakey Graves at Arroyo Seco

June 23, 2018

It’s definitely a hot day in Pasadena. I can’t tell if its front man’s Alejandro Rose-Garcia’s shower of sweat letting me know about the weather, or maybe THAT HE’S KILLING IT ON STAGE at Arroyo Seco music festival this weekend!

Shakey Graves has been performing since 2007 and that energy you think you might loose after over a decade of performing didn’t happen. In fact, perhaps that is exactly what has been mastered in addition to developing a different sound since his first albums. We got a chance to hear some of his hits from

His newest album “Can’t Wake Up” released this May is getting a lot of reviews about its stretch since his first albums. As any artist without the drive of writing exclusively hits in their heads, the work grows as the artist grows. As for the artists called producers who write for pop stars… this article isn’t about you.

Only over a month ago has Alejandro warned us about the change in sound and I have to say this crowd was a little enamoured and confused. Some lounging on the grass with their families, some standing with their homies, crazy insane fans right at the front loving life. It was a great afternoon of a festival crowd and a fresh performance showcasing the band’s newest material, we sopped it up some in the cool shade some maintaining sweat dripping from our festival outfits, and some on stage nearly drowning in passion. A good way to die is being in a state you don’t think about the question.

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