Solange’s New Album – “When I get Home”

March 6, 2019


I hope you play the whole album around sunset right at the beginning of rainfall because this album is meant to be listened to. Or not. Maybe you’re the type of person who listens to an album while you’re cooking dinner.  Maybe you have a long commute. Maybe it’s just another night to get stoned.

This is one of those albums that will take you out of your World and into Solange’s. This is one of those albums that will make you seem more interesting when you play it at your house with a first date over. This is one of those albums that is subliminally political yet saying nothing at the same time. This is Fine Art.

I can’t help hearing Stevie Wonder. Which is cool. I’ve read other bloggers talk about that too. They also talk about other influences like Joni Mitchell. I don’t hear that at all but if you want to talk about how Solange openly rejects writing charting Billboard hits in the name of artistic integrity despite repeated requests to from top Producers, I can see how the ladies share that in common.

If anything, what I do hear is the inside of someone’s head.  Someone graceful, nostalgic, contemplative, intentional, very sensual, real, and sad. Holding innate swag to say the least, and expressing it with steaze at most.

How much can you relate to admitting things that you’ve imagined. When you hear it in her song “Things I imagined” you get to repeated it to yourself in a melody sounding like and endless release into freedom of relieving the moment you realised you’re making it all up.

The interludes like “Can I hold The Mic” bridge the songs “Way to the Show” and “Stay Flo” which doesn’t really make sense to any kind of story,  but more about the mood of the album. It’s a vibe. Are you in?

I think my favourite song on the album is “I’m a Witness” the synths, the Stevie, the lyrics. All sounds like an experiment in mediation and acceptance. She’s playing, seeking, healing and inviting you to sing with the chorus.

Just when you thought everyone is in the music industry for the Benjamin’s, Solange like a dove decided to drop us her mosaic of experiences in a light show for our ears, setting 2019 for a fresh landscape in musical talent and purity. I hope you enjoy getting cultured on what the beating heart of an invincible Woman wanted to share with you. Wherever you are, she won’t get to close, but she will give you a seduction only a vulnerable authenticity can imprint like a glove coming off your hand because the spring isn’t as cold as it used to be.

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