Sound Bath with Avery Whitmore

March 21, 2019

avery whitmore sound bath unplug meditation

My friend and I tried Unplug meditation the other day in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She, captivated by breath works, agreed to try a sound bath with Avery Whitmore for our the first time. It was a minimally decorated enormous room. White walls, brown cushioned foldable floor chairs that recline into miniature beds. We sat upright and listened to the Dharma teaching or something like it. It wasn’t quite clear but it was, an explanation of welcome to newcomers, to get comfortable and that the new moon is in Pisces and that it’s time for emotional break throughs and you just accept that and then begin to focus to relax.

Have you ever done that before? Prepared yourself intently to take a nap? That was my first thought but then I realised, “well that’s not a good use of your time here, why don’t you at least try to be receptive” so I did. That was my personal intention. Quitting feeling overly self-deprecating sarcasm, so much that it bleeds onto other people’s wellness programs and I only see through bloody rose coloured glasses. Or in a one word mantra, “Nurturing.”

Avery Whitmore introduced us to a lot of different musical experiences. Yes there are sound bath bowls, but also so much more to the mediative practise. Turns out Avery also composes a lot of relaxation music and plays the didgeridoo from a carbon complex travel-friendly instrument! (how very Burning Man informative!) and beats a large Native American drum. This put me into SUCH a deep sedation where I could feel the beating inside me, hopefully clearing and cleansing my trapped negative juju. He also has a fan of grasses he waves around the resting meditators but I don’t know what that means.

Perhaps my favourite feature, the incense. I’m a sucker for scents. This one was foreign to me. All I got was “it’s a Northern incense to remove negative energy” and I loved that. Which one is it? Don’t ask. You will be lead to another mystery. “Where did you study all this? With a Shaman?” My parents raised me to be this way I believe is what we agreed was enough inquiry.

Don’t ask friends. Process is trusting and I can tell you that 45 minutes of a sound bath with Avery is captivating and a kind and gentle descent into the comfortable landscape of your inner Night Mode.

What do I mean? Don’t ask just laugh and know it’s worth experiencing more than it is worth informing your cellular brain-formation.

You can find his schedule at unplug mediation studio here:

Avery also holds specific ceremonies around Moon Cycles and Equinox’s so keep informed by following his Instagram: @averywhitmore

Or just go.

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