Soundbath with Shehera Mocellin

March 10, 2019

sound bath

I went to the Celestial New Moon Sound Healing Journey at the Azaiam yoga studio in Los Angeles, California on Friday March 8th 2019. The new moon was actually on Tuesday but whatever, this works  better for our non-lunar Earthly schedules. So there we sat, all 25 of us crammed in small yoga studio with giant gongs, chimes, and a plant hooked up to a computer and turn tables that makes sci-fi synth sounds on it’s on accord, IN HARMONY to the gongs. There was also a lap harp and a harmonium with chanting invocational prayers at the end of the ceremony. A lot of new instruments to my ears that night.

But did I mention this is a sound bath? That means that those are just the bells and whistles to the actual crystal bowls Shehera Mocellin has invested in, and she brought in nine. One is made of sand stone, one is made of moon stone. A couple are made of white crystal and the rest I don’t remember because I was stuck on being introduced to the idea that you could plant a prayer into the structure of the bowls of the energy of Mother Mary whilst they were being built (is it obvious that I don’t eat Kosher or Halal?).

We were introduced to the idea of invoking intentions specifically oriented around International Women’s day and the new moon in Pisces. Astrologically, Pisces is the wisest and most intuitive astrological sign of them all as it is the sign that separates illusion from truth and opens us to creative life force energy through the Moon waxing and waning. I think it was the way Shehera Mocellin explained to us why the sound bath ritual around this portal was important that would transform any skeptic (Hi!) of unusual instrumentation into a believer because once the ceremony ended, I was completely invirogated. Maybe it was because I was looking forward to leaving as soon as possible to meet some friends at The Comedy Store. Or maybe it was in fact that doing fast breathing as an emotional excavation practise with my chosen personal intention, also having chanted sanskrit mantras focusing on creative abundance and drinking cardamon rose water sweetened with stevia to open our hearts and raise our libido’s was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted and got.

How can you prove anything unless you experience it? Does it really matter what the story is or is the journey of going through someone else’s self mastery enough of a noble journey to ask to share with them? I don’t understand how anything works when it comes to alternative healing modalities and at the same time I am fascinated with the idea that the most safe and comforting ways of coming together as a community to nurture each other is to spend an hour relaxing together with drummer weaving in an out of a group as we rapidly breathe and invoke through the portals of the new moon creative forces. Like an interactive concert focusing on the rockstars of the astral planes.

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