The Kickstand Band at Wrong Bar, Toronto, NXNE 2014 – Gig review and photos

June 26, 2014


Who: The Kickstand Band
Where: Wrong Bar, Toronto
When: Thursday, 19 June 2014
In One Word: Sunny

Detroit, MI knows how to produce sunny, surf-rock sounds, and The Kickstand Band is proof that it’s working.

Seemingly drawing inspiration from the distorted sounds of surf-rock, the energy of pop-rock and the soulfulness of the blues, The Kickstand Band has an eclectic musical style that transcends being boxed into any one genre.

While most of their songs revolve around the same subject matter (summertime), each song shows a variety and an understanding in the differences of style and pace (“Summer Means Fun” being vastly different than “August”, both in pace and mood).

While still being a relatively young band, performing since 2011, it is clear that The Kickstand Band has hit their stride and become a cohesive unit in their performance. The Detroit trio put on a genuinely fun and inviting performance, even incorporating their own homemade light show.

The Kickstand Band’s EP is available on Bandcamp.

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