#VOTD: Sponsored Video – James Franco is preggers? Someone call the Fact Checking Unit

June 7, 2012

It’s important to check your facts. As the editor of an online music magazine, I know this as well as anyone. Every concert review, interview and feature you read on Music Vice is checked and edited by me before it goes life. The smallest mistake or incorrect fact can cause problem. If we say The Hot New Band are playing on Tuesday night at Elmo when actually they are playing on Thursday night at Lee’s Palace then a lot of people might end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, these peed-off punters will then vent their collective rage at Music Vice for the factual error. This is why collectively we must work double lifes as the Fact Checking Unit, to make sure accuracy is absolute!

Fact checking when it comes to music can be a little harder than you imagine. Let’s try a quick quiz…

Question:Eight and a Half - Scissors album artwork

Fact: Eight and a Half’s debut album was created in transit between Montreal, Chicago and Los Angeles where the trio were geographically separated from each other, but bound by the gift of the internet and file sharing.


Fact: Eight and a Half’s debut album was created in a dank, mildew-infected Oshawa basement where the trio ate copious amounts of cookies while listening to Bauhaus records and playing with rubber bands, chains and harnesses, which needless to say bound them together in dark creative harmony.

Answer:  Find it here: Album review: Eight and a Half – Scissors

Now that you’ve passed your crash-course in fact checking, you are ready to join the Fact Checking Unit. Below is your mission, with a special Music Vice Video Of The Day…

Fact: James Franco is Spiderman. James Franco is pregnant? Watch today’s special #VOTD sponsored by Samsung to find out!

Sponsored by Samsung.

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