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Gig Review – Classified at The Phoenix Concert Theatre

February 18, 2016
Classified at The Phoenix, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

Who: Classified Where: The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto When: 13 February In one word: Ayyyyyy Seeing Classified perform at the Phoenix was like watching a bear scratch itself against a tree. The way he moves on stage makes it seem like his performances are scratching an itch he normally wouldn’t be able to reach. And...
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Album review: AA Wallace – In Alpha Zones

February 7, 2016

Title: In Alpha Zones Artist: AA Wallace Record Label: Culvert Music Date: 
January 2016 In one word: Feel   AA Wallace is full of neon lights and nylon jackets. Just a bunch of people who get home from the Michael Jackson virtual concert and decide to go glow in the dark roller-skating. It sounds...
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Wayhome 360 video experience, 2016 lineup

February 6, 2016

  The 2016 WayHome Music & Arts Festival lineup is being introduced creatively through a 360-degree interactive video. A rural Ontario setting makes the festival a great place to enjoy the summer in a tent away from the concrete jungle and into a gathering of sorts among music and other artistic...
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Parts & Labour like niche-niche but sweet, obviously

February 6, 2016

Remembering what Scott Wade told me about Parts & Labour being a blessing and a curse and thinking about how this fits perfectly as a colourful name, like Parts (blessing) and Labour (curse).   It is really kind of a niche market inside of a large mainstream market that is basically...
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ASAP Rocky can dream of dinosaurs punching lizard people and God is okay with it

January 24, 2016
ASAP Rocky can dream of dinosaurs punching lizard people and God is okay with it

I sit in my room in the midst of my periodic dream state and realize I am wide awake working on this assignment before I know what is going to happen as I hear this ASAP beat echo outwards; into a world I feel is only taunting me to fall asleep...
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Gig Review – Wintersleep lays down some dreams at the Drake, Toronto

January 17, 2016
Wintersleep at the Drake, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl

Who: Wintersleep Where: The Drake Underground, Toronto When: 14 January 2016 In one word: Swell Wintersleep were at The Drake Underground Thursday night playing tracks from their prospective March release The Great Detachment. It was a cold, wet night. The streets were filled with that hazy colour pollution coming off the machines in the...
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The 8-bit adventure — the new genre of gaming music is a potential procrastination buster

January 13, 2016

Flickr Commons: Deandra Have you ever listened your way through an adventure to save a princess in a digital dream? Well, if you haven’t, I recommend you try listening to 8-bit music or “chiptune.” It is an energetic and colourful style of music that uses instruments sampled from old video game...
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Matthew Good at Hamilton Place Theatre – Review and photos

December 18, 2015
Matthew Good at Hamilton Place Theatre - photo Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

Matthew Good on stage at Hamilton Place Theatre Who: Matthew Good Where: Hamilton Place Theatre, Hamilton When: 17 December 2015 In one word: Joyous Matthew Good’s performance at Hamilton Place on Thursday began with a similar but alternative tone with Scott Helman’s band taking the stage and delivering an energetic, youthful set. The rowdy...
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Laura Sauvage Interview – on Music, Touring, Science and Talking Sharks…

December 4, 2015
Laura Sauvage - photo by Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

  Following her show at Adelaide Hall in downtown Toronto where she performed with The Franklin Electric,  Montreal songwriter Laura Sauvage was apprehended by our rebel rouser Shaun Fitl for a conversation about music, touring, science and talking sharks. Me: What can you tell me about what you felt performing in front of the crowd?...
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Pop Evil at The Phoenix, Toronto – Gig review

December 2, 2015
Pop Evil at the Phoenix, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

Who: Pop Evil Where: The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto When: 1 December In one word: Supreme Pop Evil delivered an excellent set at The Phoenix on Tuesday night and satisfied many Torontonians’ cravings for the darker side of hard rock. What could be better than solos with that wah pedal that sounds like frequencies...
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